FFA Ranked Students


Below is an all-time list of all the people ever ranked under the FFA Freestyle Fighting System – which is a MMA based ranking system that incorporates kickboxing, wrestling, and jiu-jitsu. Anyone ranked at 1st Degree Black Belt or lower in our MMA system is also co-promoted to the same rank in no-gi Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ).

Some of these students are currents students, some of them are former students. Some of these students may be former students who have moved on to higher ranks with other instructors outside of FFA – these rankings only reflect the highest rank these individuals have achieved under FFA.

If you were ranked under FFA and do not see your name here – do not get offended! :) It is probably an oversight, just email FFA immediately at info@FFAgyms.com with your full name and phone number so that one of our staff can give you a call and update our database to include your info.

Black Belt (4th Degree)
Master Efrain Ruiz
Master Marcos Avellan
Master David Avellan

Black Belt (1st Degree)
Head Coach Enrico Cocco
Jorge Masvidal
Mike Cardoso
Leonor Cocco

Brown Belt
Head Coach Michael Bernhard
Coach John Mangual
Coach Chevenne Moreno
Charles McCarthy
Roberto Mallon
Jorge Vigo

Purple Belt
Coach Carlos Trujillo
Coach Cesar Serje
Coach Tulio Quintanilla
Coach Luis “Wicho” Rodriguez
Coach Pablo Alfonso
Coach Giovanni Moljo
Coach David Lago
Ariel Gandulla
Billy Barrow
Carlos Garcia
Danny Chavez
Gabriel Fidalgo
Glenn Hernandez
Jimmy Celis
Miguel Aspuru
Nelson Mercado
Robert Mercado
Travis Miller
Yankiel Naranjo

Blue Belt
Coach Kevin Perez
Coach Byron Picado
Adron Morrison
Agustin “Gus” Clemente, III.
Ahmed Cure
Aldo Espinosa
Alex Caceres
Alexander De La Torre
Alexander Jimenez
Alfredo Armenteros
Andre “Ace” Padin
Andres “Tito” Rybacki
Ben Amaba
Carlos Guevera
Cassidy Pepin
Cesar Hernandez
Cesar Jordan
Cesar Raven
Chris Medeiros
Christian Crippen
Chuck Garciano
Cris Lander
Dale Alderson
Daniel Fortich
Daniel Espinosa
Daniel Hernandez
Dariel Mollinedo
Daryl Auguste
Deiky Vergel
Denis Hernandez
Dylan Cure
Edir Terry
Edison Cruz
Emilio Turros
Erik Anderson
Erika Castro
Gino Vitelli
Greg Blomberg
Guillermo Marin
Haender Rodriguez
Isidoro Vilarino
Ivan Luejez
Jaime Antun
James Lazaro
Jason Soares
Javier Baez
Javill Byron
Jayson Medina
Jeff Parody
Jim Clayman
Jonathan Nammur
Joe Ray
Joe Rodriguez
Joel Sanchez
John Chavez
Jorge Ayala
Jorge Castillo
Jorge Viera
Jose Rivas
Joshua Mercado
Joshua Polit
Juan Estrella
Julio Dujarric
Julio Hernandez
Justo Diaz
Lamberto Duarte
Lazaro Delgado
Luis Barbosa
Luis Pla
Maikel Carralero
Marcos Concepcion
Marty Monroe
Melissa Rivera
Miguel Baeza
Mike Rio
Mike Uhre
Michael Rojas
Omar Bembry
Rafael Martin
Randy Caruso
Ray Atesiano
Ray Victoria
Rene Hernandez
Richard Fernandez
Rima Avellan
Robert Freilich
Robert Rodriguez
Rodolfo Tro
Said Almukhtar
Sal Frech
Sergio Fortich
Shah Bobonis
Steve Silva
Troy Gray
Victor Raphel
Victor Alfaro
Willie Davis
William Jamette
William Rivera
Yoamel Zequeira

Below is the ranking given by FFA for STRICTLY Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu:

Black Belt (2nd Degree)
Ricardo “Hellraiser” Texeira

Black Belt (1st Degree)
Joshua Manso

Brown Belt
Luis “Wicho” Rodriguez
Cristobal Lander
George Tala

Purple Belt
Agustin “Gus” Clemente, III

Blue Belt
Manny Salazar
Roy Prieto
Ivan Luejez
Xuliana Molina


If someone is claiming to be ranked under FFA that isn’t on this list, please contact us at Info@FFAgyms.com to let us know. Thank you!

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